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September 2009

Pylon of the Month - September 2009

This month's pylon comes complete with a warning about the dangers of procrastination.  Regular readers who just want to look at pylons without any improving message or moral baggage need not worry.  I promise that it will not become a regular occurrence.  I was on holiday with my family in Northern Ireland, staying near Rasharkin in a lovely and newly renovated Beech-Hill House, and had a wonderful time.  If you get to Northern Ireland, then Portstewart Strand is an amazing beach,but the whole North Antrim coast is magnificent. However, despite having numerous opportunities to take a picture for this month, I procrastinated.  As a result, I was forced to take a hurried photo of a pylon in West Belfast from the Westway  as we drove through Belfast on the way to Dublin to catch the ferry back to Holyhead.  Note the pylon reflected in the wing mirror which was completely unintentional but adds some interest to an otherwise rather blurred photo.