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Pylons and The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work


As December looms, I thought I would mention a book that pylon fans could add to their Christmas list.  The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work by Alain De Botton has a whole chapter (called Transmission Engineering) dedicated to pylons.  The author and a member of the Pylon Appreciation Society follow a pylon line from the nuclear power plant in Dungeness all the way to Canning Town whilst musing on life, work and other subjects.  It is really is an excellent book.  One section particularly caught my eye.  It refers to a book (originally published in Dutch although I can find no reference to it) called The Beauty of Electricity Pylons in the Dutch Landscape by Anne Mieke Backer and Arij de Boode.  They make the case for appreciating the beauty of pylons and apparently note that windmills were as unpopular once as pylons are now.  They were occasionally burnt to the ground and denounced from pulpits before the painters of the Dutch Golden Age started including them in their landscapes thereby contributing to their acceptance.  Perhaps the same will be true for pylons in the future.



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Pylon of the Month


Thank you for getting in touch. I'll definitely try and get a copy of your book, although as I don't speak Dutch it might not mean a lot to me.

Anne Mieke Backer


This are Anne Mieke Backer and Arij de Boode, the writers of The Beauty of Electricity Pylons in the Dutch Landscape. Curious to find this little book back in your comment and in Alain the Bottons book. If you look foor references view: De Hef publishers.

Kind regards,

A and A.

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Love, love them. .*

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