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Pylon of the Month - February 2010

This month's pylon is shown off to great effect by what is without doubt the best photograph up to now to appear on Pylon of the Month.  A professional photographer, David Hatfield, submitted this month's photograph of a pylon which is near Sheffield in South Yorkshire (close to junction 1 of the M18). As a result, I have made the photograph larger than normal so that it stands out from the usual snaps taken out of car windows and it sets a standard that will be hard to match in future months.  But the excitement this month is not over yet.  I have been waiting for a Yorkshire pylon so that I can mention the rather marvelous film, Among Giants, which is about a group of Yorkshiremen who paint pylons for a living.  The screenplay for the film was by Simon Beaufoy and it was the follow up film to 'The Full Monty'.  More recently, he wrote the screenplay for  'Slumdog Millionaire' and so has a serious pedigree.  As this article from the independent had it 'Full Monty Man follows up with Monty Pylon'.  The film appears not to have been a great success, although as this review from Amazon points out 'The mouth watering footage of electricity pylons in this film makes it worth the money on its own'.  It really should be compulsory viewing for pylon fans everywhere.