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Pylon of the Month - May 2010


This month's pylon was yet again submitted by a fan of the website.  A waiting list is now developing and so if you have sent a picture then please be patient.  This picture was taken on the English side of the Old Severn Bridge.  Those keen to avoid mixing up their Severn crossings should go look here to avoid confusion.  The 'hammerhead shark' look of the pylon is quite interesting and unusual and any information on why it is designed like this would be very welcome.  With summer looming, I thought that it would be nice to have a seasonal element to the picture and it was the beautiful blue sky that made this one stand out from the crowd.

I also thought that I would also share another meaning of the word pylon with readers this month.  Apparently, it is ".....a new typographic term introduced to define the missing areas of a stencil typeface".  I'm pretty certain that this is a joke.  Look for yourself and decide