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Pylon of the Month - February 2013


Happy New Year to Pylon of the Month fans everywhere.  After a busy festive season, January slipped away and so here is the first offering of 2013.  The picture was sent in by a fan of the website and I could hardly refuse to feature it when the email had this to say:

This tower's days are severely numbered, it is one of the Tees crossing towers and is due to be dismantled in the new year. It is over 120m tall and over 50 years old. The pair of crossing towers will be replaced by  even bigger versions, carrying a modern high performance conductor.

It looks to me as if this planning application is the one that deals with the replacement of the pylon over the River Tees, a river about which I knew nothing before writing this article.  As always, however, I learn something every day and so know I know that it rises in the North Pennines (near Cross Fell) and flows Eastwards for 85 miles to reach the North Sea between Hartlepool and Redcar.  The new crossing pylons will be 145m high and so according to this article they will be the tallest in the UK.  They are part of a £50 million pound project to upgrade and replace overhead power lines in the Middlesborough area which involves dismantling and replacing 14 pylons mainly between March and October 2013.  So if you are looking for bit more pylon action in your life this year then it looks as if Teeside is the place to be.

If you can't make it to the North East then you can at least keep up with the latest thinking on pylon design from the National Grid.  You might remember the competition that took place in 2011 which was won by the T pylon, but further design work has ben ongoing and it looks as if the 'Flying T' has won out.  Read all about it here, but remember that you read about it first on Pylon of the Month.