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Pylon of the Month - February 2015



This month's pylon, published on Valentine's Day, is notable not just for the usual pylon but also for the heart shaped hole in the clouds overhead.  The picture came courtesy of Lisa at Nan's Nice cakes and was taken last June.  With the heart shaped hole in the clouds it seemed a pity to use it other than in February and so here we are.  The pylon can be found in Great Ponton in Lincolnshire and for any pylon fans planning a romantic outing later today, the fact that the A1 bisects the village should make it fairly easy to make your way there.  Be careful, however, because according to Wikipedia that part of the A1 is an accident blackspot.........

It is probably a bit late for this year, but for anyone wanting a Slush-Free Valentine card' then one of the cards on offer has a rather splendid pylon design that might be worth storing in a drawer ready for 2016. I'll leave it there for this month, because banging on any more about pylon related news might spoil the romantic atmosphere that this month's pylon has created!