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Pylon of the Month - March 2015

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This is another 'better late than never' pylon and in a very busy month, it might never have happened at all but for the intervention of one of my students (you know who you are.....) who asked why there had not yet been a pylon for March.  The eagle eyed amongst you will spot that it was taken on the day of the solar eclipse (Friday 20th March) because in the background is the unmistakable crescent of the sun as the partial eclipse reached or was close to its maximum extent.  (Click on the picture to see an enlarged version).  The picture was taken by a fan of the website who has featured before back in September 2014, but unlike the last one which was taken in Scotland, this one was taken from the towpath of the Bridgewater canal which is:

considered to be the first true canal at England. Built at one level, its route followed the contours of the land to avoid the use of locks.

As well as this nice link to science & technology in the 18th century (the Bridgewater canal opened in 1761) there is a link to 21st century science & technology because the picture was actually taken where the canal runs past Daresbury science park.  This is the home of (amongst other things) the Cockcroft Institute named after Sir John Cockcroft who (with Ernest Walton) first split the atom.  This picture therefore encapsulates four of my interests; pylons (obviously.....!), astronomy, particle physics & the history of science.   What more could I ask for and so thanks again to the student who motivated me to write this month's post.



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Jeremy Paxmanish

Hello PoM. I'm a regular visitor and huge fan. Pleased to see you noticed and quoted in today's BBC news article!

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