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Pylon of the Month - September 2015



With the start of a new academic year, I have been pressed for time and if a few more days had passed, I might not have got round to posting a pylon for September. Then I was contacted by the BBC and asked to appear on the Mark Forrest show (about the decision to remove some pylons from National Parks - I can't disagree with that) and I thought it would be bad form not to have an up to date blog.  So here is the second of my holiday pylons, this time from the beautiful Alhama de Granada in Spain.  We had a wonderful family holiday there at the end of August and this picture was taken just above the town after a walk along the famous gorge.  Like last month's pylon, it wouldn't win prizes for magnificence or size, but Pylon of the Month is as much about the unprepossessing pylons as it is about the more magnificent examples that have featured over the years.  I'll leave it there for this month and return in October with more non-holiday pylon action. As always, if you want more regular pylon updates, do remember @pylonofthemonth on Twitter.