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Pylon of the Month - October 2015

Pylon of the month


The last two months have been up close and personal with my holiday pylons and so for October, I have gone for a more picturesque sunset pylonscape.  I quite like 'pylonscape' as a portmanteau word, although a quick Google search reveals that I'm not the first to use it, with John Sandell photography getting there before me!  The picture was sent in by a fan of the website and was taken in Middlesborough. Avid readers of this blog might remember that this isn't the first pylon from the North East to feature on the blog.  Back in February 2013, the Tees crossing pylons (the tallest pylons in the UK at 145m) featured, but is good to be back on Teeside after a gap of a couple of years.  I've never been to Middlesborough, but if I do, then the Captain Cook birthplace museum will definitely be on my 'things to do' list and the Love Middlesborough website has lots of other museums and galleries that could keep me going for a few days.  That's all for this month, but as always remember to follow @pylonofthemonth on Twitter if you want more regular pylon action.