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Pylon of the Month - October 2017


October's Pylon of the Month is a picture that I took myself whilst making a short film for the publishers Unbound.  'The Secret Life of Pylons' is now on their website and I'm really hoping that it will get enough support to get published.  If my hunch is right, there's a gap in the market for a book about electricity pylons that combines interesting facts, pylon stories and tongue in cheek humour.  If you're reading this and especially if you're a long time fan of the website, then get pledging on the Unbound website because when it's published that will be Christmas presents for your family and friends well and truly sorted.

But moving away from the glamorous world of publishing and back to the pylon above, which is located in Kennington just outside Oxford.   Follow the cycle path from Oxford city centre (alongside the river) south to Abingdon and you can't miss it near Sandford Lock.  Along the way there are a few other pretty spectacular pylons to tick off as you go.  You can get really up close and personal to this one and appreciate the loveliness of the design and the strange allure that it exudes.  Just don't be tempted to climb it and get too close to the actual transmission lines.  Treat pylons with respect  like the Pylon people of Hookland who worship them.  Whilst you're in the area of Oxford, a quick glance at an OS map will show that this is a pylon rich area.  A lot of this is to do with the proximity of Didcot Power Station.  I've mentioned pylon poetry many times before on this blog, so instead I'll end this month with a poem that should be far better known; Ode to Didcot Power Station by Kit Wright.  Read it online then buy his poetry collection of the same name.